Cocktail Friday ~ Spiked Apple Cider


Fall is in full swing... It's been chilly here, which is nice.   I love the beginnings of cool weather and am trying to soak it in.   So tonight I am going to sit out on my deck and have a Spiked Apple Cider. I mean, that is how my evening is gonna go in my brain. Sitting out watching the sunset, with the chill in the … [Read more...]

Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

caramel appletini

Tis the season for apples! And apple cocktails are always welcome in my house. Especially when there's Bailey's, Caramel and cream involved...hello cozy!   So let's get on going!   Bailey's Caramel Appletini 1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream 1/2 oz Apple Flavored Vodka 1/2 oz cream 1 tsp caramel sauce (ice cream … [Read more...]

Apple Tea Punch


Here in the Northeast it's totally fall. Crisp weather, leaves changing...   But I know in some parts of the country it's still warm.  Not fall-ish at all.   So today's cocktail is the best of both worlds. We've got apples for fall and sweet tea for summer. Mix them up and you have a delicious cocktail any time of … [Read more...]

Apple Crisp Cocktail


Happy Friday!!! So is it fall yet?  Honestly, I know I am going to be over fall when it actually gets here, because I have been living like Autumn since mid-August.   Sigh.   What I am going to do today is have a drink, convince myself that I need a sweatshirt and maybe even carve a pumpkin. Try and stop … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Caramel Apple Martini

Picnik collage

I am a fruity drink person. I have tried more "serious" drinks and they aren't for me. If there's fruit in it that's a start...add an umbrella and we're set! So today's cocktail is just in time for the Halloween weekend.  I am sure that you guys are all invited to costume parties where there will be a Snooki, a Charlie Sheen and a Lady … [Read more...]