Real Talk: Big Brother Season 15


Ok friends and Big Brother fans... Kristan and I took the year off of recapping Big Brother, and I am thinking we might have made the wrong choice.   Honestly. Who is watching, hands up. Who's your favorite??   Let TALK people!   In order of eviction: David:  We didn't know him long, but I kind of liked … [Read more...]

Big Brother — The Finale!!


Oh Big Brother.   I don't even know what to say.   This week was the finale.  I can't say that I was super thrilled with the way the season ended, but I guess nothing is worse than the year the Nerd Herd made it to the end, so whatevs.   I mean...Danielle?   I don't know how many of you subscribe to live … [Read more...]

Big Brother ~ Week 9


Can you people even believe this show? I mean CAN YOU?   I am Team Ian all the way after this week...let's discuss how that happened.   Sunday night picked up after last Thursday's double eviction week. Frank and Joe, both gone.   I was sad to see Frank go, as he was the one that I was rooting for.  But … [Read more...]

Big Brother — Week 8


This was a HUGE week in the Big Brother house.  We're finally down to the final FIVE!!   Regardless of how you feel about Dan's game play, he has definitely shaken things up and given us something to talk about.   Let's discuss.   HOH   I know most of us usually fast forward through the recaps at the … [Read more...]

BIg Brother ~ Week 7


This was a week I didn't see coming, I will tell you that much. I mean, Jen decided to start playing, Dan pulled the most polarizing move in BB history and Frank...well, Frank stayed orange. Let's talk.   HoH/Nominations: We picked up where we left off , after the double elimination show... Frank was all wound up that Ian … [Read more...]

Big Brother ~ Week 6


If you remember, last week left off with the house in the middle of an HOH competition.   Let's talk about how that panned out, want to?   HOH: The HOH competition required the players to slide across a slippery surface, filling large bowls with water.  One bowl was for safety, one for HOH, and one for $10,000.  Obviously, … [Read more...]

Big Brother ~ Week 5


While last week was a good drama week, filled with back-dooring and lies, this week was pretty standard Big Brother... Let me fill you in if you missed out.   Nominations: Sunday picked up right where we left off after Janelle got evicted and Frank won HoH.  After last week's formation of the "Silent Six" alliance, most of the … [Read more...]

Big Brother — Week 4


With the coaches back in the game (surprise, surprise...NOT!!), this week was a particularly exciting one in the Big Brother House.   Let's discuss what happened this week.   HOH As you may remember, last week left off with the coaches coming back in the game, meaning the whole week was reset.  Joe the Yeller and Frank the … [Read more...]

Big Brother ~ Week 3


So yeah, this whole week was basically an ENTIRE WASTE OF TIME! Gee, thanks CBS for sucking 3 hours of my life that I will never get back. Not cool.   But since I watched it, I might as well break down all the useless activity.   Let's begin... Sunday, Nominations. Shane won the HoH on Thursday and needed it for … [Read more...]

Big Brother — Week 2


I am a super huge Big Brother fan.  So needless to say, I'm LOVING how this season is shaping up so far...tons of drama and twists -- it's great!!   This week was particularly crazy, so let's get to it.   HOH If you remember from last week, Frank won HOH after Willie tried to evict him.  As Frank accepted his HOH Medal, you … [Read more...]