Cute and Easy Homemade Gift Tags


I'm the first to admit that I don't have a lot of time for crafts. Honestly, I have a ton of interests -- scrapbooking, crocheting, embroidering...but between running two blogs, running a house, raising an 8 year old, AND having a baby on the way, hobbies often take a back seat. I had a lot more time for paper crafting before I started … [Read more...]

Easy and Inexpensive Halloween Candy Bouquets


With Halloween a month away, I've been trying to come up with a cute gift idea for teachers, neighbors and special friend and family members.   Obviously what I'm going for is something that is cheap and easy, but *LOOKS* crafty enough to make me seem super talented and impressive.   I think I hit the jackpot with these … [Read more...]

Candy Frankenstein


So I used to be crafty. This was before I had babies, or started a website, or ...well..turned 30...   Not sure what happened to my craftiness. But I lost it.   Here's an example. About 11ish years ago I made these Candy Frankensteins.  I saw the idea in a Halloween magazine... I have no idea what magazine. But … [Read more...]

DIY — Make a Fancy Necklace From Dollar Jewelry!!


Big, chunky jewelry.  It's a thing nowadays.   Personally, I love accessorizing, but it can get pricey.  Some of those cute necklaces are $25 or $30 each.  No thank you, sirs and madams.   But there is this thing in my town called a $1 Jewelry store.  Does your town hold such a treasure?   I'll be honest -- the … [Read more...]

Craft ~ Decorative Plaque Hooks

hook 2

  I am currently in the midst of a jewelry hoarding problem.  And the thing is, I'd gladly WEAR it instead of HOARD it...if it wasn't all tangled in a giant knot on top of my bedroom dresser.   There's also a giant tangle on my bathroom vanity counter.  Heeeeeeelllllp.   The thing is, I love jewelry boxes, but I need my … [Read more...]

Quick and Glamorous Ponytail Holders

hair collage

Okay, so listen.   This thing I am about to show you...barely qualifies as crafty, it's so easy.  But--I have found that the most awesome DIY projects are the ones that up your cute factor with very little effort, so here we are.   I've been seeing cute ponytail holder ideas floating around on Pinterest, but they all involve … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Tulle Wreath

valentines wreath

  So...I made a Valentines Day Wreath.  And you should too.  Here's why: 1.  It's Pink. 2.  It will make you feel Valentiney. 3.  It will make your mailman or mailwoman smile and wonder why you have a tutu hanging on your door. 4.  It's a daily reminder to your husband that you are a Valentines Day Person, you will be celebrating … [Read more...]

Cute and Easy Valentines Day Centerpiece

centerpiece collage

  Some of you may remember the cute Fall Centerpiece I did a few months back.   Well.  Once the Christmas season hit, I had full intentions of turning them into something Christmasey, but got busy, set them aside, and never got around to it.  But the other day I realized that it wasn't too late to turn them into something totally … [Read more...]

Winter Break Boredom Busters

boredom collage

It's basically a rule that kids like to play.  They want to be entertained.   They get boooooooooored.   One thing I struggle with over Winter Break is keeping my son busy.  It's usually cold and wet outside, and although I try to spend as much time with him as possible, I still have housework and cooking to do and can't spend … [Read more...]

Gift Guide ~ Teachers!

Picnik collage

It's that time of year again... School is winding down for the holiday break and you are scrambling to put together gifts for all the people in your life. Beyond the mailman, the garbage men and the bus driver there is your kid's teacher. I mean, honestly, your kids spend a pretty good amount of time in the care of his or her teacher, so … [Read more...]

Infinity Scarf and Flower Pin


A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing infinity scarves on Etsy and I found a super cute grey scarf that had a flower pin attached.   I wanted that dang scarf. cost forty bucks.  Sadly, that's more than I can justify spending on piece of fabric to wrap around my neck.   So I did some Googling.  I'm a crafty gal, but … [Read more...]

Make your shirt vintage with tea!


Ok, I have to tell you...I wanted to name this post, "How to tea bag a T-shirt".  BUT I was worried about what google searches I would come up under.  We try to keep the riff-raff out over here, and I thought that title might be a slight distraction to the craft at hand ;)   So, onto vintage shirt making... You will need: a white … [Read more...]