Craft ~ Decorative Plaque Hooks

hook 2

  I am currently in the midst of a jewelry hoarding problem.  And the thing is, I'd gladly WEAR it instead of HOARD it...if it wasn't all tangled in a giant knot on top of my bedroom dresser.   There's also a giant tangle on my bathroom vanity counter.  Heeeeeeelllllp.   The thing is, I love jewelry boxes, but I need my … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Centerpieces


  I recently came across THIS gorgeous Fall centerpiece on Pinterest.  And after clicking...and clicking...and clickity clicking...I FINALLY found the centerpiece on Home Confetti and the original tutorial HERE on Dozi Design blog.   I love crafting, but don't often have the time or skills to complete a lot of the ideas I find on … [Read more...]