My Must Have Hair Products!!


  Hey guys!! So you might know, besides being a total make - up junkie, I am hardcore obsessed with having good hair.  Always have been. I think it's because hair is one thing that can always look good and never makes you feel fat.  Not much better than an awesome hair day, is there? Here are some of my absolute FAVORITE, can't … [Read more...]

Dry Shampoos — Tested!!


For over ten years, I had short hair.   We're talking chin length.   I loved my short hair and I felt like it suited me...the only BAD thing about it was that there was no throwing it in a bun or ponytail.  It had to be washed, dried, and straightened daily, or it looked like a hot, sticking up mess.   About a year … [Read more...]

DIY Hair Ties

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So I go through hair ties like nobody's business. I lose them, I get them tangled, they break... It's a  never ending battle.   I usually use cheap tangle-free elastics.  But then I came across these Emi-Jay bands last year...and I love them!  BUT they are a bit pricey...   So today when I was at the craft store I came … [Read more...]

Quick and Glamorous Ponytail Holders

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Okay, so listen.   This thing I am about to show you...barely qualifies as crafty, it's so easy.  But--I have found that the most awesome DIY projects are the ones that up your cute factor with very little effort, so here we are.   I've been seeing cute ponytail holder ideas floating around on Pinterest, but they all involve … [Read more...]

Waterfall Braid Tutorial from The Letter 4!

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So excited today to have the sweet girls from The Letter 4 stopping by today! If you haven't been by their site you simply must go there now.  But then come back real quick so you can see what they shared here today! I especially love their Hair Tutorials and want my hair to grow fast so I can do THIS. Anyway, let's let Jamie talk, … [Read more...]