September Kid’s Reading List!! (ages 8 – 12)

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My kids loves his books. I decided that besides posting a Reading List for adults every month, I should also throw in one for the kiddos now and again. Maybe it will help when your son whines, "I have nothing good to reeeeeeeead-uh". Just mine? I have found that this above mentioned phrase is usually paired with a writhing/flopping on … [Read more...]

We love Klutz!!

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One thing I've learned over the years is that it's a waste of money to buy my son "toys" that don't really DO anything.   Action figures.  Pretend helicopters.  Little cars to push around.  Waste waste waste.   Jon David is only really entertained when he is learning or creating something.  He's always been that way, which can … [Read more...]

Gift Guide ~ Boys

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Hey!  So as you know both Kristan and I are both moms of boys.  Just boys.  Which kinda makes us experts on boy stuff. Seriously, I get invited to a girl birthday party and I will literally stand in the girl toy section of Target staring for 45 minutes. It's over-stimulation or something.  Don't even get me started at buying gifts for little … [Read more...]

Vampire Books for Kids!

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Now since Twilight and vampires are the theme here this week, but the Twilight series maybe a touch, errr... inappropriate for the younger kids, how about we give them some fun alternatives? My boys love to read and they THINK they like scary stuff...but when it comes to bedtime, scary books don't do either of us any favors.   Here's … [Read more...]

Fun Thanksgiving Books For Your Kid!

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With the Thanksgiving holiday coming soon I wanted to share with you a fun tradition we have. I love books and  so do my kids...I also love a theme, so getting my kids books to read about upcoming holidays is great fun.  It gets them in the spirit and they are fun to pull out year after year creating mini traditions. I mean, who doesn't love … [Read more...]

The Big Nate series ~ an Interview with Jake


Ok, so I have an 8 year old and he LOVES to read.  Every night before bed he pulls out whatever his favorite book of the moment is. But regularly, he reads the same books over and over over...which I don't quite understand.  I have never read a book twice in my life! Recently he has gotten into a series called Big Nate... There are … [Read more...]