Candy Frankenstein


So I used to be crafty. This was before I had babies, or started a website, or ...well..turned 30...   Not sure what happened to my craftiness. But I lost it.   Here's an example. About 11ish years ago I made these Candy Frankensteins.  I saw the idea in a Halloween magazine... I have no idea what magazine. But … [Read more...]

Kid’s Craft ~ Easy Spinners


My kids are off this week for Spring Break. And since we're staying home for the week I have to come up with stuff for them to do all day long. Kids expect that.   So first up on the agenda are some easy, fun crafts that don't require a huge clean up or crazy supplies.   I saw this one over at the Family Fun site a while … [Read more...]

DIY Tie Dye Crayons


A rainy day a few weeks ago my kids were looking online for a craft to do together... Sometimes crafts with kids are fun, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth.   We came across this fun idea on a few different sites... I thought it was a great idea, because my boys are getting a little older and they don't ever pull … [Read more...]