Absorbing Artwork

Picnik collageslider

My boys are always looking for art projects. I think they are under the assumption that the more cutting and gluing and mess making, the more "arty" the project. I am not keen on cleaning up huge art messes, so this project was easy and not so messy!  Also, it uses a medicine dropper or eye dropper, which my kids seemed to love using...who … [Read more...]

Moms Behaving Badly–Fake Mouse


I am a mom who plays pranks on my kid.   Often.   And as luck would have it, so is Shelly, which is just one of the many reasons she is my bloggy BFF.  We both realize that as moms, it is our right to get a good laugh at the expense of our offspring.   Also, I am pretty sure I read a study somewhere that said that … [Read more...]