DIY Makeup Remover


Hey! So Pinterest has made me think that I need to make everything myself. DIY Windex, DIY scarfs, DIY furniture...   But since I much prefer to spend my hard earned dollars on completely non-DIY stuff I usually ignore most anything that requires me to make stuff that I could easily buy at Target.   Until I saw a picture … [Read more...]

Dermalogica PreCleanse


Dermalogica is a brand that is fairly new to me.  A couple of months ago, I received a sample of their Microexfoliant in my Birchbox and LOVED it.  It's a powder that you blend with water to form a paste, and rub on your face and rinse off.  It doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but your face feels so so smooth afterwords, and it's made with … [Read more...]