Mascara Throwdown


I am a mascara girl. It's one of my "if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could bring only 3 things" items.   I know. But the thing with mascara is that once I think I have found THE ONE...I always seem to find another ONE. With that said, though I always come back to my tried and true Loreal Voluminous.  It's been … [Read more...]

Beauty Up! {Giveaway!} – Contest Closed


So to thank you so much for checking out our new site this week we wanted to not only give you a virtual high five, but also give you some free stuff! We all have beauty products we love...mine's mascara.  I am kinda an addict. So we want to share with you a new favorite!  It's called They're Real by Benefit.  It's fantastic!  It lengthens, … [Read more...]

15 Under $15

beauty collage

I love beauty products. It's actually a minor obsession. I search for the best of something….deem it the best….and then continue for something better. It's a sickness. But you can thank me now for doing all the research for you. I'm here to help ;) While I LOVE going to Sephora and buying fancy products, my husband isn't always on board with the … [Read more...]