Candy Frankenstein


So I used to be crafty. This was before I had babies, or started a website, or ...well..turned 30...   Not sure what happened to my craftiness. But I lost it.   Here's an example. About 11ish years ago I made these Candy Frankensteins.  I saw the idea in a Halloween magazine... I have no idea what magazine. But … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ M&M Shooter


I know some of you all might be "cocktailed out" after the New Year. All the holiday parties, New Years Eve and, of course,  the drinking to drown out annoying relatives...well, it can do a number on your liver.   So that's why today I bring you a small drink.  An itty-bitty drink. It's a shooter. Not a shot, a shooter.  There's … [Read more...]