This Week in Pop Culture ~ 3/6

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So this week was all a blur of Oscar's aftermath. Did you watch? Thoughts? Kristan rounded up the best and worst dressed of the night HERE. But of course the big story (besides who won and who lost) was Adele Dazeem. John Travolta "mispronounced" Idina Menzel's name when he introduced her to sing "Let It Go" from Frozen.  She was a … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 2/13


Happy Thursday, everyone!! It hasn't been the busiest week in Hollywood, but it's been Bieber drama-free...which is all a girl can hope for, at this point. However -- there are plenty of other icky tidbits to around.  Particularly from one Mr. Cyrus. Let's discuss. In sad news, Shirley Temple passed away at the age of 85.  What's awful is … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 1/30


Well, it has been a relatively slow week in Pop Culture.  No major meltdowns, but Biebs WAS arrested again, so there's that.  Let's get started!! Let's just get this part over with.  Justin Bieber turned himself in at a Toronto police station yesterday to face possible charges for assaulting a limo driver in December.  If this is true, he's a … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture ~ 1/24

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This week was the week of The Biebs. You couldn't escape the talk about the arrest if you tried... SO let's hit on that first and then move on. There's the mug shot.  He looks proud, doesn't he?  He was arrested on Jan. 23rd, for a DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.  Apprently too he had prescription drugs that he said his mother gave … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 1/17


Happy Friday, everyone!! Sadly, it was a fairly slow week in celebrityville, if you can't tell by all the attention the Bieber egg throwing incident is getting.  But let's review the few things that DID happen (including Oscar nominations, yay!!): Laura Linney gave birth to a baby boy!! Apparently she has a life outside answering her phone on … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture ~ 12/12

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This week was an interesting one in the celebrity world.  Let's talk a little bit about what interested me... First up, the SAG Nominations were announced along with the Golden Globe Nominations. Click here for full list of the SAG noms and here for a full list of the GG noms.  Walter White better win for best actor in a TV Drama or I … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 12/5

This Week in Pop Culture | That's What We Said

It's Friday-eve, everyone!! Lot's happened in pop culture this week -- let's get started. First off, the passing of Paul Walker.  I am sure all of you know the details, but if you don't, Paul Walker died in a car crash Saturday afternoon.  Paul was a passenger in the car, which was returning from a charity event.  It exploded upon impact.  So … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 11/21


Happy Thursday, everyone!!  It's been a big week in pop culture -- let's get to it!! First things first -- Adam Levine was named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.  Do we all agree?  I think yes.  Although...I am waiting for Ryan Gosling to have his turn.  Still.  STILLLLLLL. Also, Charlie Hunnam?  Seeing him on the cover wouldn't make me … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture

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This week was a slow week in the world of Pop Culture... Not a lot happened that is really worth mentioning, which makes this a leetle hard to write.   I will do my best for ya.   Let's start with fairly exciting news... Word on the street is that Adam Levine is on the short list for being crowned People Magazine's 2013 … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 11/7

This Week in Pop Culture | That's What We Said

It's Thursday, Thursday!! It's been a relatively busy week in the world of celebrity.  Some great news, some interesting news, and some OMG  I'm over it news.  Let's get started. Drew Barrymore is pregnant.  This is GREAT news, hooray!!  This is her second child with husband Will Kopelman, their first (daughter Olive) being 13 months old.  No … [Read more...]

This Week In Pop Culture ~ 11/1

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I've got a Halloween Edition of Pop Culture for you this week! Celebrities love to dress up.   Let's have a look... There's Miley as Lil' Kim, Paris as Miley, Matt Lauer are Pam Anderson... I'm sensing a trend here.  Celebrities dressing up as other celebrities...hmmm. Kelly and Michael dressed up like Walt and Jessie.  You … [Read more...]

This Week in Pop Culture… 10/24


Happy Happy Thursday!! Lots and lots of news in Pop Culture this week -- just how I like it!!  Let's discuss.     First things first -- Prince George's christening.  How FABULOUS is Kate?  Perfection. And little George....that chubby little face is too cute.  I know he's wearing a dress type deal, but I'm sure it's a tradition … [Read more...]