Countdown to April Fools ~ DIY Fake Vomit


Well.  I am taking it there. Nothing but classy talk around here, huh? Fake vomit is the topic today.  Don't pretend you're not intrigued.   My 6 year old son brought this craft to my attention.  He got a book called Prank Star and of all the pranks in there, he was most excited about making fake vomit.  I am so proud. He … [Read more...]

Moms Behaving Badly ~ Whipped Cream

redi whip

Ok,  so yes...I prank my kids. I have a long history of pranks...some going over well and some flopping.   And yes, I enjoy laughing at my children's expense, as long as it's all in good fun...sue me. I am sure some of you don't agree with pranking, and that's fine...but I will tell you, as long as my kids get a laugh along with … [Read more...]

Moms Behaving Badly–Fake Mouse


I am a mom who plays pranks on my kid.   Often.   And as luck would have it, so is Shelly, which is just one of the many reasons she is my bloggy BFF.  We both realize that as moms, it is our right to get a good laugh at the expense of our offspring.   Also, I am pretty sure I read a study somewhere that said that … [Read more...]