Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ~ Episodes 8 & 9


Ok, sorry this one has taken me so long to get up...Life sometimes has to come before the Housewives...I can't believe I just said that! Now, let's talk about Episode 8, the Spa Day episode. It all started harmless enough.  One friend helping another.  In this case it was Lisa helping Adrienne. The staging all seemed a bit bizarre, but … [Read more...]

RHONJ–Reunion Part 1

rhonj all

I fell a bit off the New Jersey Housewives bandwagon this season.  Honestly, the change in cast threw the dynamic for me...because as much as I can't STAND Danielle....I REALLY loved not being able to stand her.   I caught the first few episodes, missed a few in the middle, and then saw the last two.  But when I heard that the Reunion … [Read more...]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap ~ Episode 7


This episode picked up exactly where the last left off.  The women were all still at the Game Night from hell.  Kyle and Kim were still pointing at Brandi, Dana was clutching Taylor and Camille was sitting trying to avoid eye contact at all costs, just happy to not be the focus of Kyle's wrath. Kyle kept harping on and on about Brandi's boy … [Read more...]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Episode 6


Tonight's episode was all at once epic and uncomfortable.  The RHOBH walks a fine line between icky and riveting, leaning more toward riveting.  Some things you can only see on Bravo, and I love it.  There was excess, sentimentality, laughs, awkward pauses and fighting.  That, my friends, a well rounded show makes.   We started with Lisa … [Read more...]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Episode 5


Annnnd, enter Dana, (aka "Two Boobs and a Tiara") This is the episode we get to really meet the "New Money" addition to the Housewives.   First up was a lunch date with Kyle, Taylor and Dana.  The ladies hobbled up her stone driveway only to be greeted by the completely under-dressed Dana.  Taylor informs us that Dana really "goes for it" in … [Read more...]

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Recaps 1-4


I am a huge Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan. The first season made me giddy between Camille Grammer's marriage breakdown, Taylor's puffy lips, an electronic cigarette and the Hilton sisters there was never a dull moment. So certainly when the news of Russell Armstrong's suicide broke I didn't really know how to feel. I certainly am sorry for … [Read more...]