Gift Guide ~ Girls

girls collage

I am the mother of a boy.   A seven year old boy who asked for a Bear Grylls knife or an AK 47 for Christmas.   So, I'm not exactly on top of what little girls are doing nowadays.  I DO know about those Bratz dolls...and those new sleazy vampire looking things (Monster High I think?).  No thank you.   I decided to … [Read more...]

Gift Guide ~ Boys

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Hey!  So as you know both Kristan and I are both moms of boys.  Just boys.  Which kinda makes us experts on boy stuff. Seriously, I get invited to a girl birthday party and I will literally stand in the girl toy section of Target staring for 45 minutes. It's over-stimulation or something.  Don't even get me started at buying gifts for little … [Read more...]

Punk Kids {Giveaway} ~ Contest Closed

snap circuits 1

I know I sound old when I say this, but it's hard finding things to entertain my kid that don't involve a screen of some sort.   TV screen.  Video Game Screen.  Computer Screen.  Gah.   I don't mind any of that in moderation, but I love to encourage creativity.   And one thing I've found that my son LOVES is building … [Read more...]