The Bachelor Pad — Episode 4


I'm happy to report that the Bachelor Pad was in full Drama Mode this week.   Let's get to it!!   The episode started with Jaclyn and Ed celebrating Reid's departure, while Jamie stressed out because she has no partner.  In the midst of the celebrating and stressing, Chris Harrison magically appeared.  With … [Read more...]

The Bachelorette “Emily” – The Fantasy Suite?


Here we are...down the the final three.   Can you believe there are only 2 episodes left?   Well, this episode was full of love proclamations and a super awkward rose ceremony.  Let's get started.   The episode opened with Emily heading to Curacao on a boat, throwing around words like "whirlwind".  Is it just me or … [Read more...]

True Blood Episode 5


The latest episode of True Blood was my favorite of the season.  Three major hotties?  Check.  A huge turning point in the plot?  Check.  Catfights?  Check Check.  I couldn't WAIT to see what Michelle had to say about this week, and of course, she didn't disappoint.  Thanks for a great recap, Michelle!! -Kristan     Well, … [Read more...]

The Bachelorette “Emily” ~ Episode 2


As you may remember if you caught the season premier, the "Emily" version of the Bachelorette promises to be a bit different.  Instead of California they are filming in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her daughter Ricki is a part of Emily's life during the show.   Either "different" is going to be extremely boring, or … [Read more...]

The Real Housewives of New Jersey — Episode 2


Episode 2 of RHONJ opened with Jaqueline's daughter Ashlee whining as she packed for Vegas.  Not really my favorite way of opening up an episode, not to mention that the LAST thing Ashlee needs is more attention.   Apparently being sent to Vegas is a real serious punishment, because Ashlee and her new face wasn't happy at all.  … [Read more...]

The Bachelor — Hometown Dates


This week was the much anticipated "Hometown Dates" episode.  I have to say that I found this episode a little boring.  I guess the women are much more interesting when they're crying in hot tubs and fighting for Ben's affection.   However, a few interesting things did happen (but no hot tub   Let's … [Read more...]

The Bachelor ~ Episode 6


This week's episode opened with the girls flying in a tiny death plane to Panama City.  I don't really know what it is with The Bachelor staff's inability to find normal modes of transportation, but I have a feeling that the person that heads that department has a good laugh every week.   The girls headed to their hotel and entered the … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Recap~ Episode 4


As you probably know, Four Bachelor Episodes equals like 2 years in a normal relationship.  So, this is the part of the season where women start throwing around the "LOVE" word all willy nilly, and becoming permanent residents of Crazy Stalker Town.   Basically, things are getting good.   The episode started off with Ben … [Read more...]

The Bachelor Recap ~ Episode 2


Let me start out this season by saying that I completely agree with Shelly's post last week--Ben was definitely NOT my top choice as the Bachelor.   But in all honesty, I watch for the women.  They are a hot mess of crazy, just begging to be judged.  And I am up for the task.   This week's episode started in Ben's hometown of … [Read more...]