Valentines Day Tulle Wreath

valentines wreath

  So...I made a Valentines Day Wreath.  And you should too.  Here's why: 1.  It's Pink. 2.  It will make you feel Valentiney. 3.  It will make your mailman or mailwoman smile and wonder why you have a tutu hanging on your door. 4.  It's a daily reminder to your husband that you are a Valentines Day Person, you will be celebrating … [Read more...]

Cute and Easy Valentines Day Centerpiece

centerpiece collage

  Some of you may remember the cute Fall Centerpiece I did a few months back.   Well.  Once the Christmas season hit, I had full intentions of turning them into something Christmasey, but got busy, set them aside, and never got around to it.  But the other day I realized that it wasn't too late to turn them into something totally … [Read more...]