Gift Guide — Books

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One present I always love is books.  Even though I own an E Reader, there is really nothing like a brand new book with crisp pages and  new book smell.   Yes, I sniff my books.  Is that weird?   Anyways, if you're not a reader, it can be really hard to buy gifts for someone who is.  Obviously, I recommend getting some info on … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Twilight Shooters

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  It's Cocktail Friday, yo!!   Not only is it Cocktail Friday, but it's opening day of Breaking Dawn in theaters!!   I realize that some of you are bleary eyed and grumpy due to lack of sleep--because you spent your night/morning at the midnight showing last night.  And although I appreciate your enthusiasm, I am sort … [Read more...]

Vampire Books for Kids!

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Now since Twilight and vampires are the theme here this week, but the Twilight series maybe a touch, errr... inappropriate for the younger kids, how about we give them some fun alternatives? My boys love to read and they THINK they like scary stuff...but when it comes to bedtime, scary books don't do either of us any favors.   Here's … [Read more...]

Vampire-inspired make-up

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Don't let the title to this post scare you...I am not talking about white powdered faces and Halloween stuff. I am talking about everyday make-up inspired by Vampires...pretty faces, not creepy.   Really what this translates into is berry stained lips, sparkly eyes and flushed cheeks. You don't need to wear a cape and fangs to pull … [Read more...]

DIY Twilight Shirts ~ Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

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Furthering the debate on Team Edward vs. Team Jacob we decided to be big old dorks and make our own "Team" shirts. They're totally DIY and sew-free, for those of us who are domestically challenged. Make them and wear them proudly... Ok, Team Edward. All you need is a shirt, some iron-on letters (one set plain, one set sparkly), an … [Read more...]

Vampire Books!


Let's face it.  Regardless of HOW you may feel about it, Vampires are in style.   I, for one, am pro Vampire.  But if I were to meet one in real life, I would probably change my mind pretty darn quickly.  You know...blood breath and fangs and all that jazz.   Anyways, in honor of Breaking Dawn's big debut this week, I thought … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway–Sookie Stackhouse Boxed Set (True Blood) – Contest Closed


I love to read.   And one of my favorite series is the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) set.  They're nothing life changing, but they're fast and easy to read, and a fun combination of scary, far fetched, and sexy.   If you've watched the show on HBO and never read the books, you're missing out on a lot.  The TV show often goes … [Read more...]