Bailey’s Caramel Appletini

caramel appletini

Tis the season for apples! And apple cocktails are always welcome in my house. Especially when there's Bailey's, Caramel and cream involved...hello cozy!   So let's get on going!   Bailey's Caramel Appletini 1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream 1/2 oz Apple Flavored Vodka 1/2 oz cream 1 tsp caramel sauce (ice cream … [Read more...]

Root Beer Vodka Float

Root Beer Vodka Float | That's What We Said

Good Friday! So it's getting warmer by the day... Which means I am forcing my children outside to play... Which also means they call me every 3 seconds to watch their new "trick" on their bike.   So I have a solution. Root Beer Floats.  Something to enjoy with the kiddos. Add a little vanilla vodka to yours to make the … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Vodka

Candy Corn Vodka

Let's get festive, shall we? Since it's almost Halloween, let's talk Candy Corn. Love it or hate it it's not going anywhere.   You can eat Candy Corn, fine..but how about we drink some? See where I'm going with this?   And trust me it's easy.  Just combine some vodka and some candy corn... Let that site about 4 … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Watermelon Limeade Spritzer


With summer here there are going to be many days hanging out by the pool, at the beach or just on the front porch. This is a drink that is good for the kids and the adults alike. Non-alcoholic it is delicious, add a splash of vodka...even more delicious.   It's a do-it-your-way cocktail.   I found this juice at the … [Read more...]

Cocktail Friday ~ Caramel Apple Martini

Picnik collage

I am a fruity drink person. I have tried more "serious" drinks and they aren't for me. If there's fruit in it that's a start...add an umbrella and we're set! So today's cocktail is just in time for the Halloween weekend.  I am sure that you guys are all invited to costume parties where there will be a Snooki, a Charlie Sheen and a Lady … [Read more...]